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    International Best Young Driver 2024

    October 4, 2024 > October 6, 2024 Nivelles, Belgium mdipasquale@fia.com

    The International Best Young Driver Contest 2024 will take place in Nivelles– Belgium from 4 to 6 October kindly hosted by the Royal Automobile Club Belgium (RACB).

    Developed from a concept first introduced nationally by AMZS (Slovenia) in 2017, the FIA Region I International Best Young Driver Contest is an initiative to raise awareness on road safety among young drivers and to put forward the message that young drivers can drive responsibly, safely and they can set a good example to both their peers and adults.

    The event is designed for young drivers between 18 and 26 years old, be holder of valid driving license for category B. The contest tests drivers’ skills that are essential to be a good driver, not only behind the wheel, but also in real-life circumstances, first aid, their knowledge of traffic rules, road safety and vehicles.

    Please find out more about the national and international events in previous year in the video and document sections.

    For general information on the contest and previous editions, please visit the International Best Young Driver webpage.


    Should you wish to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact Martina Di Pasquale, Membership and Events Officer at mdipasquale@fia.com

    International Final
    The “International Final” event usually will take place on the first weekend of October.
    Day 1:
    • Arrival of participants
    • Participant briefing
    Day 2:
    • International final event
    • Social/cultural activity for participants (if any)
    • Final ceremony
    Day 3:
    • Departure of FIA Region I, teams, and Technical Committee.