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    Road Patrol Training for Excellence 2018

    25 September 2018 > 28 September 2018 Vienna, Austria jvervaeck@fia.com

    This year’s Road Patrol Training for Excellence will take place in Vienna, Austria, from 25-28 September 2018, upon the kind invitation of ÖAMTC. More information and registration coming soon.

    The Road Patrol Training for Excellence is an annual event that aims to provide better training to road patrolmen and to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge and abilities to identify and solve/repair technical failures, starting problems and vehicle opening. The event also provides an excellent platform for learning and exchange of subject related information and news.


    Draft agenda

    Tuesday, 25 September

    For ANWB, ACI, STARTER, ÖAMTC regional teams

    8:30-11:30          1st part of the training and contest

    12:30-15:00        2nd part of the training and contest


    11:00-18:00        Self-service lunch with Food truck

    For all remaining teams, together with ANWB, ACI, STARTER and ÖAMTC regional teams

    Until 14:00          Arrival of teams and check-in (Vienna SportHotel)

    14:00-15:00        Placing of the cars at ÖAMTC headquarters

    15:00-16:00         Group picture with road patrol cars and exhibition

    (ÖAMTC headquarters)

    16:00-17:00         Presentation of teams and road patrol cars / diagnostic tools

    (ÖAMTC headquarters)

    17:30-18:30         Free time

    18:30-19:30         Welcome drink

    19:30-21:00         Dinner

    Wednesday, 26 September 

    8:30-12:30           1st part of the training and the contest

    12:00-13:30         Lunch

    13:00-17:00         2nd part of the training and the contest

    17:15-18:00         Bus ride to ÖAMTC training centre Teesdorf

    18:00-19:30        Social activity

    19:30-21:00         Dinner

    Thursday. 27 September  

    8:30-12:30           1st part of the training and the contest

    12:00-13:30         Lunch

    13:00-17:00         2nd part of the training and the contest

    From 17:00           Free time

    Friday, 28 September    

    9:00-11:30           Feedback and evaluation

    12:00-13:00         Award ceremony

    13:00-15:00         Lunch and farewell


    Participation is limited to sixteen teams and registration is done on a first come, first serve basis. The event will include both training and assessment sessions. During the assessment, the participants are organised in Club teams and receive points based on performance. The teams are expected to identify the cause of breakdown on various vehicles and to repair them.

    Criteria for evaluation

    • Safe way to address the breakdown
    • Customer service
    • Time spent for the repair
    • Usage of the knowledge acquired during the theoretical sessions
    • Team work
    • Own automotive technical knowledge
    • Success of repair

    Number of participants 

    One team per Club with:

    • 1 member of road patrol
    • 1 road patrol trainer
    • 1 interpreter (if required)


    He/she should not have participated at least in the last edition of the Road Patrol Training for Excellence.

    Patrol Trainer:

    He/she should not have participated at least in the last edition of the Road Patrol Training for Excellence.


    Should an organisation have only one trainer among their employees, this trainer is entitled to enrol and to participate 2 years in a row in the RPTfE. However, it is up to the organisation committee to assess the enrolment case by case to make the final decision.


    The interpreter helps his/her team whenever the language is a barrier to understand the training knowledge and enables the communication with the trainers during the assessment. There is no restriction for the interpreters to participate in the RPTfE several times.

    Please note that while the interpreter can be present during the assignments, only the team members (road patrol member and road patrol trainer) are strictly allowed to perform the assignments. The guests are not allowed to be present during the assignments. This means that neither the interpreter nor the guests are allowed to solve the assignments. Should a team not follow this rule, the organising committee might decide on disqualification. There will be a clear perimeter indicating the area that can only be accessed by the participants and 1 translator and that guests are not allowed to enter.

    Technical coordination team (Trainers)


    The training and assessment sessions will be in English. Translation into other languages will be provided for the highest requested languages and depending on possibilities on the spot. The teams who do not speak English are encouraged to come with their own interpreter.

    Patrol Cars / Roadside Tools

    Participants should come with their own fully equipped road patrol cars and diagnostic devices. The teams will be asked to use road patrol equipment during the assignments of the contest. Having own equipment might increase the chance of success. The host organisation ÖAMTC could, however, make available few provisional road patrol cars for the teams who are unable to bring their own. This should be requested by the Club and it will be up to the organisation committee to assess the request case by case to make the final decision.

    All participants are required to bring their own diagnostics tool, even if they cannot come with their own road patrol car.

    During the event, there will be an exhibit of the road patrol cars and the roadside assistance tools. This is a great opportunity to share best practices and to learn from each other.


    The organisations who belong both to FIA Region I and to ARC Europe Group are eligible to be granted the “Road Patrol of the Year 2018” award based on their performance during the assessment. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation.

    Please note that in order for the organising committee to print the correct badges and certificates, the participants can only make changes to their travel arrangements until 2 weeks before the event. Changes made after 10 September 2018 will need to be paid for by the Club (€100 per change).


    The participation fee for the training is €150 per team (1 member of road patrol, 1 road patrol trainer and 1 interpreter, should the team require one). Any additional Club staff wishing to take part can do so for a discounted registration fee of €100.

    Dress code

    Training and contest: patrol uniforms (the training and the contest will be in- and outdoors).

    Social program: casual and rain jacket/coat.

    Hotel information

    The Vienna Sporthotel**** is set in a quiet neighbourhood in Vienna’s 3rd district next to the ÖAMTC headquarters. The hotel offers an easy access to the A4 and A23 Motorways and only a 5-minute metro ride from the city centre.

    • Single room: €87,00 per night
    • Double and twin rooms: €105,00 per night
    • Suite: €120,00 per night

    To book the hotel, please send an email to info@vienna-sporthotel.at an email to using the code “RPTfE2018”.

    Booking deadline: 31 July 2018

    Click here for more information about the hotel.