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    Club News: David Sever is the best young Slovenian driver for 2017

    28 September 2017

    The winner of Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Slovenia’s (AMZS) Best Young Slovenian competition is 22-year old David Sever from Ljubljana. The Club’s goal with the contest was to address young drivers and give them a new and exciting chance to improve their driving skills, as they are one of the most vulnerable groups, due to their limited experience as drivers.

    AMZS received more than 1,500 submissions to an online questionnaire, which formed the first stage of the competition. The 100 top respondents qualified for the practical part of the competition and were invited to the AMZS Safe driving Centre Vransko.

    The Best Driver of Slovenia competition was held at the AMZS Safe Driving Centre Vransko with support from the Road Safety Grant of FIA and in conjunction with the police, Red Cross, ministry for education, science and sport, and other partners. The winner will become AMZS’s young road safety ambassador and was awarded with one-year usage of the vehicle Volkswagen up! Beats.

    AMZS believes this competition will have a long-term effect on improving road safety in Slovenia. Young drivers that decided to compete and became AMZS young road safety ambassadors, will pass their knowledge and experiences to their peers. AMZS will strive to continue this project in years to come.