• L3Pilot

    23 August 2017


    Summary of the project

    L3Pilot tests the viability of automated driving (AD) as a safe and efficient means of transportation on public roads. It pursues to create a standardised Europe-wide piloting environment for AD; coordinate piloting activities to acquire required data; pilot, test and evaluate AD functions; and innovate and promote AD for wider awareness and market introduction. It tests functions up to SAE automation levels 3 and 4 by exposing the functionality of the systems to variable conditions on public roads and cross border routes. Tests cover three major areas of traffic scenarios: driving on motorways, the parking environment, as well as the urban area. The tests will provide valuable data for evaluating technical aspects, user acceptance, driving and travel behaviour, as well as impact on traffic and safety.


    • 1000 drivers
    • 100 cars
    • 10 countries

    Project objectives

    • Create a standardised Europe-wide piloting environment for automated driving.
    • Coordinate activities across the piloting community to acquire the required data for evaluation.
    • Pilot, test and evaluate automated driving functions.
    • Innovate and promote automated driving for wider awareness and market introduction.


    FIA Region I’s role in the project

    FIA Region I is one of the thirty-four partners involved in one of the biggest projects on road automation in Europe. Contributions from FIA Region I are done through dissemination and liaison efforts, determination of the socio-economic impacts through evaluation. FIA Region I’s Clubs provide expertise on user perspective and support dissemination to users. FIA Region I is participating to better understand user needs and views on AD and to improve their understanding of AD, and to promote comprehensive approaches to deployment of AD technologies. FIA Region I provides the perspective of the user during the early stages of development of new functions, safeguarding mobility and promoting data protection. FIA Region I’s involvement in L3Pilot also provides the Secretariat with technical knowledge about CAD that can be transferred to lobbying for club interests.

    Link with FIA Region I Policy Priorities

    Connecting Vehicles:
    By being involved in this project, the FIA Region I helps ensure correct advancement with dataprotection at the centre.


    Safeguarding mobility: The FIA Region I contributes to a safe development of automated driving while taking into account the needs of the consumer.


    Increasing road safety:
    Ensuring road safety while automation grows