15 January 2020



    Summary of the project

    The GVI Programme is an extension of the project Green NCAP, an initiative that promotes the development of cars which are clean, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The goal of Green NCAP is to provide transparency by publishing the test procedures, rating system and underlying test results to spark competition among manufacturers. GVI’s ambition is to enable the Green NCAP to become the main reference for industry, consumers, and authorities in the field of a car’s environmental performance. Green NCAP uses a variety of tests to examine vehicle performance and scores them based on and index system and star rating that easily allows the comparison of environmental performance.

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    Project objectives

    • To develop a holistic assessment methodology of a vehicle’s environmental performance over the vehicle’s useful life – including a complete set of test protocols and test procedures with the aim to independently test vehicles and assess the full environmental performance;
    • To develop an independent rating system based on developed testing protocols, for the assessment of new vehicles’ performance across multiple criteria (real world fuel consumption, noise, cost);
    • To validate the overall methodology by conducting real world and laboratory testing and publish results of the 49 most readily available low emitting vehicles in the market;
    • Improve the administrative and contractual conditions to run the vehicle environmental performance assessment program beyond the project’s duration;
    • Maximising transparency by making detailed test results available to interested stakeholders to perform their own analysis and to spark competition.


    FIA Region I’s role in the project

    As technical coordinator of the GVI programme, FIA Region I facilitates and supervises the technical discussions between involved partners. In addition, FIA Region I takes a leading role in preparing the next steps to be taken by the Green NCAP once the GVI programme has ended. Support is also provided to dissemination and communication activities, as well as updates and revisions of the GVI Roadmap and development of performance criteria. Through its involvement in GVI and GNCAP, FIA Region I uses its expertise to further its policy initiatives in protecting the environment. Several Member Clubs that are a part of the FIA Region I network are also involved in both Green NCAP and GVI. ADAC oversees the verification and validation laboratory testing programme of fifty-one vehicles while ACI leads the dissemination and exploitation plan for both private and public stakeholders. ÖAMTC is involved in the creation of a roadmap report and dissemination activities and TCS runs technical testing.

    Link with FIA Region I Policy Priorities

    Protecting the environment: Through testing a big range of vehicles on their environmental performance and communicating the results with consumers, FIA Region I ensures the development, purchase and use of cleaner vehicles.