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About FIA Region I



Better Deal for Motorists

Stay Bright


My Car My Data


Forum for Mobility & Society demonstration of driverless cars 


FIA Summer Cocktail 2015



FIA Region I Year in Review 2015 




Think Bikes

Pan-European launch of Think Bikes


Think Bikes with Eddy Merckx



MEPs and the FIA discuss mobility in 2025


FIA Region I Summer Cocktail 2014

Dutch petition to MEPs against German toll plan 



European Parliament Transport Committee Road Pricing Hearing


Mileage Fraud


Policy makers react to mileage fraud


The public reacts to mileage fraud


Racing driver Jérôme d'Ambrosio teaches young drivers about road safety


FIA Region I Year in Review 2014




Long Short Walk for Pedestrian Safety  6 May 2013 (Brussels, Belgium)

Formula One driver, Alex Wurtz, on ecodriving



Alexander Wurz, Le Mans 24 Hour driver and CEO of Test&Training International, explains the safety and environmental benefits of ecodriving.


Formula One drivers voice support for the connected car, eCall and ecodriving

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