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Mr. Oldrich Vanicek- UAMK, Czech Republic


Ms. Vanja Hreljić - BIHAMK, Bosnia and Herzegovina 

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AAF, Azerbaijan

ACA, Albania
ACCR, Czech Republik
ACM, Moldova
ACR, Romania

AMAK, Azerbaijan
AMSS, Serbia
AMSCG, Montenegro
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BIHAMK, Bosnia & Herzogovina
BKA, Belarus

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FAU, Ukraine
HAK, Croatia
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LAS, Lithuania
MAK, Hungary
PZM, Poland
RAF, Russia
RAS, Russia
SATC, Slovakia
UAB, Bulgaria
UAMK, Czech Republic


Adopted on 2 December 2014 by the FIA Region I

Extraordinary Plenary Assembly in Doha, Qatar

COFO Internal Regulations 

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Coordination Forum for Eastern and Central European Clubs (COFO)

Club news: ASA launches MOTOASIST to protect Slovakian motorcyclists

Club news: ASA launches MOTOASIST to protect Slovakian motorcyclists

19 October 2016

Autoklub Slovakia Assistance recently launched during MOTOASIST to protect motorcyclists and ensure rescue in an emergency. The advertising campaign, which included a website, billboards, motor meetings, social media, conversations with traumatologist, transport experts and more was carried out over the summer of 2016. MOTOASIST is a unique security system, GPS tracking and assistance services designed for motorcycles, scooters, quads and trikes.

Policy Position on the Internalisation of External Costs

Policy Position on the Internalisation of External Costs

28 July 2016

A sustainable approach to the internalisation of external costs in transport should consider the costs and benefits of all transport modes, on the basis of equitable criteria. FIA Region I supports the intelligent use of a set of alternative policies to counter-balance the negative effects of road transport.

New policy position on pedestrian protection

New policy position on pedestrian protection

14 July 2016

Although the safety of pedestrians has been improving, casualties still remain excessively high. FIA Region I recommends that the EU Institutions improve pedestrian safety by adding safety test requirements to new areas of passenger cars and vans including the front bonnet area.

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The COFO Thematic Workshop on driver training

On 17 and 18 November, COFO Clubs gathered to discuss ways to raise the profile of Automobile Clubs towards their regional authorities as experts and providers of driver training activities. Presentations, photos and more available now!
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