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About Us

African Council of Touring and Automobile Clubs (ACTA)

The African Council of Touring and Automobile Clubs (ACTA) formally became a sub-region of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Region I in early 2008. The African Council aims to improve the range of services provided to motoring tourists and travelers in the sub-region.

ACTA’s objectives are to:

  • Represent the voice and interest of member organizations for development of motoring, touring and road traffic in the sub-region and work with international and national authorities.
  • Promote and cooperate with governments and other organizations relating to traffic laws, regulations and road safety.
  • Promote tourism and leisure activities.
  • Strengthen cooperation among member organizations.
  • Foster reciprocal service agreements and arrangements among member organizations.
  • Encourage higher standards of service that benefit members. 
  • Promote mutual collaboration to provide higher levels of service to the motoring public.
  • Identify potential member organizations in the region and help them to become members of Region I.

ACTA Member Clubs


Chairman:     Mr. J. Mutenda- AA, Uganda 
1st Vice Chairman:   Mr. S. Modisaemang - Emergency Assist 991, Botswana

2nd Vice Chairman:

  Mr. N. Jivani - AA, Tanzania
Secretary:   Mr. M. Sproggon - AA, Namibia
Treasurer:   Mr. P. Locke - AA, Zimbabwe
FIA African Road Safety Coordinator:   Mr. P. Kwamusi


Articles about the First Meeting:
 Drive Africa Issue 1

 Drive Africa Issue 2 


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