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Past Projects

Prior to the 2014 European elections the FIA Region I developed 6 mobility priorities which, according to the organisation, belong in the spotlight of MEPs re-election campaigns and platforms.

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iMobility Support is a three year project which will support the deployment of intelligent mobility in Europe by assisting with the work of the iMobility Forum. The FIA is a project partner. 



A new EU project with the aim of proving the benefits of cooperative systems and deployment services for road users to increase road safety and energy efficiency, while reducing the level of congestion in road transport, was launched on 28 January 2013. The Compass4D is a co-funded EU project, and the FIA is supporting the initiative as a project partner.  



The METPEX project will develop an inclusive passenger experience measurement tool for European transport providers, passenger groups and municipalities validated through its use across 8 sites of varying transport complexity. For many, the perception and reality of public transport does not encourage use, especially when multimodal forms of transport are needed. The FIA is a project partner.  

FOTsis (European Field Operational Test on Safe, Intelligent and Sustainable Road Operation) is a largescale field testing of the road infrastructure management systems needed for the operation of seven close-to-market cooperative I2V, V2I & I2I technologies (the FOTsis Services), in order to assess in detail both 1) their effectiveness and 2) their potential for a full-scale deployment in European roads. The FIA is a project partner.


Promoting intelligent vehicle systems for efficient mobility. The FIA is leading the coordination of the project which will demonstrate the benefits of safe, smart and clean mobility through new Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions.



HeERO is an international project, supported by the European Union, that aims to help EU Member States in preparing pilot sites for the deployment of eCall in 2015. The FIA is a project partner and will contribute in the dissemination phase together with Clubs. The HeERO consortium is currently testing and validating, in real-condition pilots, the common European eCall standards defined and approved by the European Standardisation Organisations. The project is partially funded by the European Union under the ICT PSP programme.



Electric Vehicles (EV) are underutilised due to their limitations and lack of people's confidence towards this transport mode. To encourage the use of EVs as part of everyday life smartCEM will run pilots for five advanced Electric Vehicle (EV) mobility services based on information and communication technologies. The FIA is a project partner.


Through EuroTest, 18 automobile clubs in 17 countries, members of the FIA, have been putting the quality and safety of mobility in Europe to the test since 2000 for the benefit of their members and all mobile consumers in Europe. The EuroTest partners have constantly called for a Europe where the mobile consumer can circulate freely using quality infrastructure and in safety.



Interested EuroTest partners formed the EuroTAP consortium under the coordination of the FIA Brussels office in order to focus only on further improving tunnel safety. EuroTAP 2005-2007 tested 150 of the most important European tunnels.


The overall objective of the project is the European promotion of key eSafety applications towards policy makers and end-users such as warning and emergency braking systems, blind spot monitoring, lane support systems, speed alert, adaptive headlights, ESC and pan-European eCall.

The ECOWILL proposal is designed to be directly relevant to the needs of national and EU governments regarding the reduction of both greenhouse gases (CO2 and NOx emissions, particulates) and traffic accidents. The FIA is a project partner.


Field Operational Tests (FOT) are large-scale test programmes aiming at a comprehensive assessment of the efficiency, quality, robustness and acceptance of ICT solutions used for smarter, safer and cleaner and more comfortable transport solutions. The FIA is a project partner.


Building on the principles outlined in the FIA Make Cars Green declaration, unanimously adopted by the FIA’s General Assembly, Make Cars Green outlines how policy makers, industry and consumers can all play a constructive role in the future.


The objective of the ECODRIVEN project is to initiate, establish and implement a synchronised Europe wide eco-driving campaign in ten EU countries.


More about ECODRIVEN...

The iCars Network contributed to the deployment of Transport ICT technologies (or ITS – “Intelligent Transport Systems”) by exchanging knowledge and experience on ITS technologies among a wide variety of stakeholders and on a number of specific topics.

The Network was formed by thematic groups which identified and invited relevant organizations and experts, organised a number of information exchange and consensus building events, and issued materials and a report on the present state of play, availability of methods and technologies, obstacles, policy recommendations and a road map in the case of energy efficiency.

The project was concluded in 2010. Public deliverables of the project are available below.


More about iCars Network...

ChooseESC! is the first campaign launched by eSafetyAware!. The campaign focuses on Electronic Stability Control (ESC), a technology that has proved highly effective in preventing skidding, and has been hailed the greatest road safety innovation since the seatbelt.

More about ChooseESC!...

eSafety Support actively assists transport stakeholders in their efforts to increase public awareness of the enormous impact intelligent vehicle safety systems, so called eSafety systems, can have on road safety. The eSafety initiative brings together the European Commission, public authorities, industry and other stakeholders in a drive to accelerate the development, deployment and use of eSafety systems.


More about eSafety Support...

The ECOWILL proposal was designed to be directly relevant to the needs of national and EU governments regarding the reduction of both greenhouse gases (CO2 and NOx emissions, particulates) and traffic accidents.


More about ECOWILL...

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