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iCars Network

The iCars Network contributes to the deployment of Transport ICT technologies (or ITS – “Intelligent Transport Systems”) by exchanging knowledge and experience on these technologies among a wide variety of stakeholders on a number of specific topics.


The Network is formed by thematic groups which will identify and invite relevant organizations and experts, organise a number of information exchange and consensus building events, and issue material and a report on the present state of play, availability of methods and technologies, obstacles, policy recommendations and a road map in the case of energy efficiency.


Please check and download further documents of the project. 



D1.2.3 - Identification of Potential Cases for PCP in ITS  pdf 


D2.1.2 - Inventory of Information and Awareness methods pdf


D2.2.2 - Methodology Overview pdf


D3.2 - Comparison of Impact Assessment Methods for Intelligent Vehicle Systems pdf


D3.3 - Catalogue of Impact Assessment Methods for Intelligent Vehicle Systems pdf


D4.2 - Priorities on Energy Efficiency pdf


D4.3 - Measurable Objectives for ICT for Energy Efficiency pdf

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