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eSafety Support

eSafety Support actively assists transport stakeholders in their efforts to increase public awareness of the enormous impact intelligent vehicle safety systems, so called eSafety systems, can have on road safety. The eSafety initiative brings together the European Commission, public authorities, industry and other stakeholders in a drive to accelerate the development, deployment and use of eSafety systems. The main aim is to contribute to the European Commission’s 2001 goal of halving the number of fatalities on Europe’s roads by 2010.


eSafety Support stimulates and monitors the activities, progress and results generated by the eSafety initiative by offering support to the eSafety Forum and its Working Groups and disseminating results to all stakeholders.


eSafety Support devises and maintains a system for monitoring the progress on each of the 28 eSafety priority recommendations through close cooperation with the eSafety Forum Working Groups, R&D projects and other contributing activities. eSafety Support is responsible for building a knowledge base and providing a synthetic overview and executive “state-of-work” in key thematic areas covered by the eSafety initiative.


The specific objectives are to:

  • Support the development, deployment and use of intelligent integrated road safety systems by strengthening the eSafety cooperation and promoting the benefits to the end users.
  • Support the dialogue between all eSafety stakeholders through organising dedicated events and promote public outreach through targeted activities.
  • Monitor and promote the implementation of the eSafety Working Group recommendations and dissemination of results through the website and through other dissemination material.
  • Support the implementation process for a European eCall system by promoting the eCall toolbox.
  • Support the development of the implementation Road Map for all eSafety systems by using the previous work as foundation.
  • Organise eSafety stakeholder meetings (workshops, plenary, high level, and steering group meetings), provide administrative support to the eSafety Forum activities through an independent eSafety Support Secretariat in Brussels, and actively participate in relevant external eSafety events.
  • Launch minor studies on topics identified and endorsed by the eSafety Forum.
  • Support the i2010 initiative in particular the activities dealing with user outreach and deployment of smarter, safer and cleaner vehicles in the future.





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