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UAB - Union of Bulgarian Motorists


The Union of Bulgarian Motorists is a non-profit NGO. 46 local Branches, 79 automobile Clubs, 70 technical assistance Centers and 1500 employees. 150 special cars and 100 driving schools. UAB has 22.000 effective and 300.000 associated members and its main aim is to improve the road safety in Bulgaria. UAB primary activity is to provide specific kinds of services and assistance to its members and to foreign Clubs' members.


In order to increase road safety over the next three years:

1. UAB will enlarge the young cyclists movement that it created 25 years ago in order to involve 105,000 schoolchildren throughout Bulgaria. Road traffic education for pupils between 6 and 14 years old will be provided through the organisation of local regional cycling competitions and national cycling championships.

2. UAB will improve the infrastructure and teaching process in its driving schools through modern means of education, such as simulators, computers, multimedia, etc. The aim will be to have 20% of practical education taught by simulators. UAB will suggest to legislators and state authorities an increase in practical teaching from 24 to 32 hours, including 6 hours with simulators.

3. UAB will enlarge the volume of the traditional road safety action known as "Car lights", organised jointly with the traffic police (KAT), starting from 1 October. As well as revising car lights, the UAB repair shop will control tyres, batteries and cooling systems. Expected volume over three years: 500,000 cars.

4. In October 2007, a two-year project will be launched in the Sofia city region jointly with the international road assistance organisation (ARC) to improve patrols, the quality of road assistance and efficiency.

5. UAB will organise special courses for Bulgarian drivers in order to promote post licence qualification and the recovery of penalty points on their driving licence.

6. UAB will launch a promotional campaign for the amendment of national traffic legislation concerning, in particular, child restraint systems, safety vests, etc. UAB will actively participate in the road safety actions of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and the FIA Foundation.

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