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UAMK - Czech Automobile Club


A civic association, The General AutoMotoClub of the Czech Republic, is elaborating on the traditions of the motoring sports dating back to 1904. The UAMK CR is an active member of various international organizations such as the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile). It is formed by more than 600 independent clubs with over 200 000 members. The activities of the UAMK CR are mainly focused on motoring and non-motoring sports, support of motoring sporting events and historical vehicles. Highly important are public policy issues such as road safety.  

New Commitment

Thinking and attitude of people concerning the Road Safety have still to be changed. A pro-active approach towards safety and individual role of each traffic participant should become their standard behavioural norm. It has been confirmed that there has been an improvement in the seat belts usage in the front seats as it nowadays becomes very common to use them. On the other hand there are still problems with usage of the seat belts on back seats and the use of child restraint systems.
For improving that, we will organize Road Safety events throughout the whole year (except for winter period), with duration of 1 day for each event. The estimate of approximately 2000 attendees participating at each event is based on several years of experience with similar activities.
The main educational tool is a seat belt slide - a simulator of a car impact into a solid obstacle by the speed of 30 km / h. Our specially trained staff will be demonstrating and operating the slide while the people may experience what such an impact looks and feels like. The public is then being informed about he the importance of seat belts using.

For this second three years phase of our European Road Safety Charter we commit to organize at least 50 such events per year and reach by our action approximately 100.000 participants per year.

Old Commitment

To organise preventive campaigns with the use of seat-belt slides in support of seat belt using, correct usage of child restraint systems and a correct position of the adjustable head restraints – organising 30 such campaigns per year throughout the Czech Republic

To produce three Road Safety instruction videos and DVDs (one per year) and carry out their distribution (free of charge) to schools, driving schools and other educational institutions – with the following contents:

  1. Principles of safe bicycle riding – age category up to 10 years (note – children may use public transit roads only in company of an adult)
  2. Principles of safe bicycle riding – age category 10 to 15 years (note – children may use public transit roads unaccompanied)
  3. First aid in road accidents

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