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The federation of the independent caravanning and motor caravanning associations in Finland. SF-Caravan has 65 member associations that have in total around 53.000 members.


1. Educating the people in the rallies and other caravanners meetings. Training events are organised as lectures or as panel discussions 3-4 times a year. There are about 80-100 participants in the events yearly. Approximately once a year the driving situations are demonstrated and practised at a driving practise circuit.


2. Information on road safety issues in the club magazine. The club magazine is published 6 times per year and each issue should have article(s) related to the traffic and traffic safety. The magazine has circulation of over 50.000 copies.


3. Merit medal for driving a motor caravan and towing a caravan. A driver can accomplish a merit medal by participating in a driving skill test. Different levels in the merit medal can encourage drivers to practise their skills and that way influence also the road safety. Every year about 20 driving skill events are organised around Finland and approximately 150 drivers accomplish a merit medal.


4. Practising driving and towing. Association organises to their members opportunities to practise caravan driving skill on a empty field. This is aimed before all to new caravan drivers. There are about 40 occations yearly.


5. "Caravanners driving licence"-education system. Year 2005 was started a new education system for caravan drivers. The course is planned to organise yearly, one basic course and one advanced course.

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