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SATC - Slovensky autoturist klub


The Slovensky Autoturist Club is situated in Bratislava , Slovakia . The main activities are segmented in: - road assistance services, - traffic and tourist informations, - road safety activities (EuroRAP), - children traffic education

New Commitment

1) We will develop our participation in the basic programme of the children traffic education in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic (for children of 6-10 years age). We will, therefore, implement the following actions:
      - increase the number of children, absolving our programme, yearly at least by 10 % ( in year 2012, at least 16 000 children)
      - to realise a nationwide effectivity analysis of this programme (based on the children road accident data) in 2010
      - constantly participate at the organisation of the children traffic education contest (with focus on the regions). Provide the participation of at least 18 000 children at this contest in 2012
2) We will participate in the FIA Foundation campaigns "Make Roads Safe", "Call of a decade of action for road safety" and "Make Cars Green" by:
     - presentations on various events (Automobile exhibitions, etc.)
     - providing the campaign promotional materials to children, members and non-members of our club.

Old Commitment

To Actively participate at a systematic solution of problems regarding the road traffic with the goal of increasing the level of knowledge and motivation to „safe traffic behaviour“ in Slovak Republic by following means:

Distribution of SATC Junior membership cards (free of charge) to children in elementary schools by passing in test concerning traffic regulations

Planned distribution of Junior membership for next 3 years:
- 2004 – circa 3000 (until June 2004)
- 2005 – circa 8000
- 2006 – circa 15000

Permanent participation of SATC at the organising a Children Creative Contest with the theme: Traffic and Road Safety (organised every year in April)

Permanent participation of SATC at organising regional and national rounds of Children Traffic Education Contest (organised every year in September – final round)

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