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LAS - The Association of Lithuanian Automobilists


LAS (The Association of Lithuanian Automobiliststakes) cares about road users behaviour. The main aim is Road Safety knowledge and high culture of road participants.
Therefore we carry out educational campaigns to help to achieve the aims:
- various contests that take place in schools,
- campaign "Saugus automobilis" (Safe automobile) that is held twice a year: spring and autumn, provides vehicles technical examination, drivers usually have a lot of advices how to prepare the vehicle for winter season, small technical damages are removed on the spot.


For the next 3 years at least, we will carry out our project "Protect your child from dangers on road". This is the educational campaign inducing using of children restraint systems.
The campaign have started with a social advertisement in capital Vilnius : outdoor and indoor advertisement, brochures, posters - total about 20 000 pieces.
The Website www.kedutesaugo. lt was created for the campaign.
Our next action is to organise events in kindergartens to develop parents' education about how to use children restraint systems.
First we announce a drawing exhibition. Every group of children has to draw the safe travelling in a car. The passenger is a bear – the symbol of the campaign.
Then children have to answer some questions about safe driving and safe travelling.
These pictures and written answers are exposed during the event.
The event consists of theoretical part and fun part such as children group songs, dances and a little contest using the children seats.
Finally every group is awarded with “Bear friend” diplomas. Children receive road safety advertising materials and various reflective items.
The following steps will be to extend the campaign all over the country using the same and new methods and tools.
The campaign is carrying out together with Vilnius City Municipality. The municipalities of other major cities are also planning to join the campaign this year.

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