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KAK- Swedish Royal Automobile Club



In order to work with these issues, we intend to carry out the following actions during the next three years:
1- We will define the Road Safety issues that need to be solved by:
- the Road Safety experience of our expert committee that consists of people with long political experience as well as a genuine experience from the automotive industry;
-using national opinion polls in order to figure out what issues motorists care about most.
2- We write road safety articles to be published in the leading Swedish papers.
1 or 2 articles per year in the Swedish leading newspapers, e.g. Dagens Nyheter, and Svenska Dagbladet. Some of our articles will also be published in 5-6 local newspapers and occasionally the subject will reach other interest field magazines.
3- We take part in, and arrange 2-3 seminars on those motorist issues, as experts of traffic safety, traffic behaviour and technical development on making cars safer.

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