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IAM RoadSmart


The IAM is a registered charity to promote road safety and improve the standard of driving on our roads. Its membership stands at more than 113,000 members, with the vast majority having undertaken advanced driving classes.


New Commitment

Driver and rider error is the key cause of deaths and serious injuries in the UK and our advanced tests offer a long term solution to the problem. Most deaths occur on rural roads and involve young drivers - both problems that can be addressed by wider adoption of the principles of advanced driving. With the growth of motorcycling in the UK deaths have risen and the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) Advanced Motorcycling test has seen increasing interest. 

One in three road deaths on UK roads are also related to someone driving for work purposes which IAM Fleet estimates cost the UK economy around £1.6bn in 2007.

The IAM will enhance and deliver its advanced driving and riding test to all UK driving licence holders. We will also develop new products to attract new members and retain our existing membership. We will campaign on issues of interest to our members such as enforcement practice.
IAM Fleet plans to attract new customers with a range of new road safety, e-training and fleet management products. 
Our continued commitment includes:
1- IAM Policy and Research will deliver a programme of relevant and high quality road safety research to inform road-users and opinion formers on the key issues. Projects on safe motorcycling, and older drivers are planned with a longer term commitment to research young drivers solutions and develop partnerships and sponsorship to allow the programme to expand.
2- We will use our revamped and award winning IAM members magazine to enhance communication with our members and promote our policies and research. We will redesign and update our website to act as a key information portal for safer driving and riding.


Old Commitment

There is a general lack of awareness of Advanced Driving qualifications and the benefits they bring to society in terms of casualty reduction. Over the coming three years (2006-2009), we will therefore draw up targeted, concentrated campaigns to increase awareness of the "Skills for Life" advanced driving (not for profit) courses and broaden the routes of access to the IAM so as to influence and be relevant to 10% of road users. These courses will educate, train and qualify drivers to a higher performance standard. To carry out this action, we aim to collaborate with commercial and third sector partners, relevant NGOs and government agencies, including local authority road safety officers.

We feel there is a need to commission more research into driving-related matters. We therefore aim to commission external research into a range of matters that affect road users and use close links with consultation bodies and a high degree of media activity to disseminate results and provide solutions. Over the next three years (2006-2009), results will be published on our website so as to offer increased access to all those who should be interested in such information. We will work with Brunel University, other research and polling institutions, the Driving Standards Agency and the Department for Transport when carrying out this action.

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