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FDM - Federation of Danish Motorists


A cross-party organisation, which serves the interest of Danish motorists by taking part in the decision making process of transport and providing legal and technical advice to members (226.000).

New Commitment

1. Continue to keep attention on road safety by writing articles in our club magazine Motor. Minimum one editorial and one article per year dedicated to road safety
2.  Continue to work in practice with training drivers in safe driving. Having at least 25.000 participants per year.
3.  Making a new campaign for better driving behaviour by for example advertisement published on billboards, public buses being visible for the general public. The duration of the campaign is approximately one month per year, but it stays in our web page permanently.

Old Commitment

Year 2006 FDM will release a handbook regarding drivers behaviours potential to increase traffic safety. The handbook will be distributed with all new cars and light goods vehicles sold in 2006 in Denmark. In all this will be approximately 180.000 copies.

Year 2007 FDM will publish articles in its member magazine "Motor" on driving safety. There will be three articles: One at winters start, one when the summer holiday starts and one at the beginning of public school year. Motor is published 12 times a year and has 700.000 readers pr. issue.

Year 2008 FDM will supply driving safety courses. The courses will be arranged with e.g. Danish Road Safety Council or the association of Danish Driving License Instructors.

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