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ELPA - Greek Automobile Club


Greek Automobile Club (ELPA) is a non-profit association with the aim of developing and fortifying the sense of automotive touring along the lines of similar organizations throughout the world. ELPA's mission is the development, organization and empowerment of the automotive and motorcycle transport & touring, as well as the growth, organization and promotion of all forms of road-related motorsport activity in Greece.


We commit to the European Road Safety Charter for three years through the following actions:
1. Our aim is to help increase road traffic awareness and ensure communication between drivers for road safety reasons. We will produce, until the end of 2008, 100,000 leaflets, 60,000 stickers and 10,000 posters. Messages will include the following examples: "Drive on the right-hand lane, overtake on the left, don't drive on the hard shoulder" and "Maintain safety distances". In association with the city of Athens, we will distribute 200,000 leaflets regarding impending actions to be taken by Athens City Council to avoid mourning so many wasted lives.

2. As well as traffic signs reminding drivers to wear their seatbelts at all times and never to forget their helmets, road safety brochures will be distributed (mostly on national holidays) among drivers by our employees on our national roads and at every toll booth leaving the city towards the suburbs.

3. Every year, we will reward four traffic policemen (two from Athens and two from the region) for their excellent work promoting road safety, in cooperation with the Hellenic Police Headquarters and under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport. The ELPA will continue to reward traffic policemen every year, hoping that, through their good work, they will have a huge impact on drivers.

4. We will give lectures on children's traffic safety, involving 50 primary schools and handing out 60,000 booklets to schools all around the country on the following topics: safety on road crossings, using road safety items (reflective badges, brightly coloured clothes, bicycle lights, etc.), and learning and understanding traffic safety rules. At the end of every lecture, the children will participate in a small competition (game).

5. We will provide the media with material containing practical advice for parents and schoolteachers on road safety education, in order to raise awareness and reduce traffic accidents involving children. The ELPA produces leaflets on child safety when crossing roads.

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