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AVD - Automobil Club Von Deutschland e.V


The AvD was the first automobile club in Germany, since 1899 active and was one of the founder members of the FIA. From Frankfurt, 230 employees attend to the needs of 1.4 mill. members All services are available for the members 24 hours a day. The national service network comprises of 320 breakdown and 2000 recovery/emergency vehicles. Europe-wide it covers in total 8000. The mobility service is guaranteed for the whole of Europe. Medical transports are organised on a worldwide basis.


1. Road safety training In the course of the next three years the AvD will ensure that per year a minimum of fifty safety training courses will be carried out, each with an average of 10 participants under the leadership of the AvD or under the guidance of a from him authorised company.


2. Organisation of mobile inspection tests In the coming three years the AvD will carry out each year a minimum of 30 mobile inspection campaigns. These measures will be carried out with the help of the AvD safety truck which will go on tour throughout Germany for this purpose. The tests usually take place over 2 days at each location and are carried out at highly frequented places such as shopping centres, exhibitions etc. The inspection checks comprise of amongst other things, shock absorbers, brakes, brake fluid, tyre pressures as well as a light test. The tests are free for all participants and can be taken by all motorists regardless of any respective club membership.


3. Promotion The AvD is prepared on the occassion of a large motorsport event, either by the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Hockenheim or at the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, to point out careful driving in a special way to the home going spectators. This could be achieved for example by placing large, clearly visible information signs on the exit roads from the event. These measures could also be assured for a period of three years.

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