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AL - Autoliitto - Automobile and Touring Club of Finland


The Automobile and Touring Club of Finland (Autoliitto, AL) is the only nationwide association for private motoring in Finland. It has about 75,000 individual members, 5,000 company members and about a hundred different associations and affiliates, which include thousands of motorists. Its activities include the entire field of road traffic, as well as motoring in Finland and abroad.


During the following 3 years we will carry on the following actions:

- We will publish in each issue of our magazine "Moottori" a traffic safety related article or story. Moottori is delivered to all our 80.000 members 10 issues per year.  We will publish articles and give instructions to motorists when they want to drive abroad. We will also publish a bi-annual handbook of the most important rules called "By car in Europe". The book will be printed in 5.000 copies. It will be available in Autoliitto and in bookstores around Finland. 

- We will participate in several local educational events around Finland during an entire week. The week will end on Saturday with the Autoliitto's "Day of the Car" in 37 locations. Activities and competitions of the traffic safety week will include shows held by children and their parents, demonstrations on the use of reflectors and helmets to classes 1-2,  Driving skills track to classes 3-4, technical inspections of pupils' bikes or technical tests of cars in some locations. We foresee about 6.000 visitors.

- We will arrange the nationwide “Children's Traffic Safety Bicycle Competition” every year. This event reaches some 100 schools and about 2500 children aging 10-12.During this Traffic safety bike competition children need to resolve theoretical traffic situations and also drive by their bikes some practical tasks in order to show how good command they have of their bikes. 

- We will organize the European final of the “FIA Traffic Education Contest” in September 2009. Some 25 countries and more than 100 children in the age 10-12 will participate in this contest testing both traffic rules and practical bike handling skills. This event will basically consist of a bike competition in respect of safety measures. 

- We will organize driving training for licence holders both to individuals and to companies or associations. We are supposed to involve 1.000 persons in 40 events one educational event lasting half of a day in which safe driving practices will take place. 

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