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ANWB - The Royal Dutch Touring Club


The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB is a many-sided association with 3,9 million members and 3300 employees. Over 50% of all Dutch households are member of ANWB. ANWB serves member interests in the areas of tourism, recreation, traffic, and transportation and offers products and services in the fields of road side and personal assistance, retail, travel, and insurances. ANWB is a founding member of FIA.


1. In relation to the objective of using road users' experience to promote clear and unambiguous road design, we will carry out the following initiatives: o During a drive of between 150-200km, road users (volunteers) will give their opinion on the road design. The results of what road users think about the major road network in the Netherlands will be made known in the summer of 2007: articles will be published in our magazine, entitled Kampioen (6.6 million readers) and on our website (75 million visitors per year). o Residents can consult our website to help them better define their problems and to find suitable solutions in an interactive manner. The website will be in an easily accessible place on the ANWB website and will undergo improvements in the summer of 2007. o Our members are asked via our Kampioen magazine to name locations that are not safe in the Netherlands (300 listed). The ANWB will bring these to the attention of the road authorities. The locations and the reactions of road users will be published on (Safe Neighbourhood) before the end of 2008.

2. With the objective of making cars safer and in cooperation with our sister organisations in Europe, we will initiate tests on the safety of cars, parts and accessories (tyres, seats, child seats, etc.). These tests will be organised 100 to 150 times per year and their results will be available on our website. We will also communicate them to car manufacturers to encourage them to improve the safety of their vehicles. The results will be also published in our monthly club magazine, entitled Kampioen, as well as in our weekly free newspaper, entitled autoKrant.

3. In order to reduce the number of traffic accidents in which children are involved, the ANWB Streetwise Team visits schools in the Netherlands; the project aims to prepare children to act in adult traffic situations. ANWB Streetwise consists of:

1. Blik en klik (active traffic safety and backseat safety)
2. Hallo auto (estimating a car's braking distance)
3. Trapvaardig (bicycle control) 2007=visits to 500 schools=about 90,000 children 2008=visits to 1200 schools=about 216,000 children 2009=visits to 2500 schools=about 450,000 children

4. We want to reduce the number of broken or incorrectly shining car lights. Before October 2007, we will organise a meeting to define a campaign on this issue aimed at private cars. The participants will discuss activities to be undertaken. The participants include BOVAG, RAI, VVN (Road Safety Netherlands) and Philips. The campaign will start in mid-October, when daylight saving ends, and will conclude in 2010.

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