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AMZS - Avto-Moto Zveza Slovenia


Avto Moto Zveza SLOVENIJA (AMZS) is a national association of 87 automobile and motorcycle local clubs with 117.000 individual members. The primary activity of AMZS is provide of all kind of assistance connected to traveling and /or road safety for its members.


With the objective to reduce the number of road accidents for all family members of Avto Moto Zveza Slovenija (AMZS), we will organize the "Family hour" event in order to develop the road safety among our members.


Within the context of this program, focused to all family members and based on specific problem areas, we commit to:


- Diffuse the road traffic rules among young drivers and teach them the preventive measures of road safety while offering thematic driving courses for scooters and bicycles young drivers. Each course will last between 3 and 4 hours and it will be held in shopping centres of 8 different cities across Slovenia. About ten lessons per year will be held.


- Teach preventive driving measures giving 8 video sessions and 8 practical presentations based on the correct use of child seats and the correct way to load a car. These lessons will be held in May and June of each year. We will organize 50 lessons in 3 years. We will dedicate one scholar day to each lesson. 


- Improve knowledge of new technical safety equipment in car's (ABS, ESP,BAS, etc). We will organize between 4 and 6 one-day safe driving lessons in September and May of each year. Lessons will be held in special circuits in Slovenia and Austria.


- Distribute information about the "Family hour" event in all our offices, public events and shopping centers through leaflets (about 2.000). This information will also appear in our monthly magazine "Motorevija" which is published in 1.200 copies.


Up to 350 people are meant to be involved. The actions are going to be free and our commitment will last three years.

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