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AMSS - Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia


AMSS is a social organization of the citizens – owners of motor vehicles and other citizens, gathered together on a voluntary basis. Basic activities include membership services, roadside assistance, issuance of international traffic and touring documents, children traffic education, prevention and road safety. It has 60 employees.


1.    Children traffic education
The AMSS has been carrying out children traffic education programmes for 40 years now. At the moment, nearly half a million children, aged 7-15 years, from 1.100 elementary schools across Serbia, is included in this programme. The concept of traffic education aims at including far more children (than the existing 76%) and schools from the whole country (more than actual 86%). Also, the concept stipulates the increase of the number of regional road safety teams and councils (larger than the existing 46%) and the inclusion of a larger number of teachers in the traffic education training programmes (the actual involvment is 4.7%).

Together with the Ministry of Education, the project of introducing traffic education into schools, as a mandatory subject, should be finalized.

To that end, the AMSS will provide more than 500.000 sets of traffic education material and tests.

As for the preschool population, children in the kindergartens will have periodic lectures and presentations on the road safety basics, in the form of brochures, video material, short films, etc.

2.    Road safety of motorcyclists
The AMSS will continue with the campaign of giving away helmets to motorcyclists, as one of the most vulnerable road user categories, with the increasing number of killed and seriously injured. The campaign aims at raising the awareness of motorcyclists about the necessity of wearing a helmet, which can protect them from head injuries, and very often save their lives. Also, the campaign aims at stressing the speed factor, which brings about crashes and casualties in majority of cases. In the second wave of the campaign, during the summer 2009, additional 1.000 helmets will be given away, and will include motorcyclists from smaller urban areas.

3.    Participation in EuroRAP/iRAP programmes

In 2008, the AMSS realized the iRAP project of inspecting 3.000 km of all categories of roads in Serbia. Experience acquired in this programme represents a starting point for the further development and implementation of this programme, which, besides inspecting the remaining road network in Serbia, will include risk mapping as well. To that end, the AMSS has already started providing own capacities for the realization of these projects, as the vision of the AMSS is to become the leader of this programme in the region. The AMSS will also broaden the list of its partners, including all the stakeholders which are, directly or indirectly, involved in road safety.

Knowledge, experience and results from this project will be distributed to the project partners, and all the stakeholders, in the form of reports, brochures, bulletins. There will be 500 copies of each material printed to support the initiative.

4.    Technical inspections of vehicles and vehicle forensics

The AMSS will continue with its traditional activities of free technical inspections of vehicles, twice a year, to check the condition of older vehicles.

5.    Examination of retro-reflexion of traffic signs

The AMSS research laboratory is launching a new project of activity in the field of road safety which will be reflected in the examination of luminance/illuminance and retro-reflexion of traffic signs on roads in Serbia. This unique laboratory in the Balkans will be accredited to perform such programmes in accordance with the existing European and international standards and protocols. The results achieved in the country will be a basis for the eventual realization of similar projects in the region.

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