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AMSM - Auto Moto Sojuz na Makedonia


During the next three years we commit to implement the following actions:

1) We will be working on protection and safety for traffic users by implementing the FIA (International Automobile Federation) global campaign "Make Roads Safe". For this campaign we will publish material in some of its monthly magazines.
We will also work on education by participating in the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) traffic contest for children ETEC (European Traffic Education Contest), which we will host in 2010. Children from 10 till 12 years old will participate. 
Around 30 000 people will be made aware through these actions.
2) We will collaborate with the Republic of Macedonia National Council for Road Safety, (national public institution responsible for the prevention and safety in the road traffic) on their campaign "Think before you drive". In 2009, our plan is to visit more than 15 high schools to promote this activity with 15 to 18 years olds. We plan to reach about 5000 young people.
3) In our monthly magazine "AMSM Club Mobility" (10000 issues), we will increase our special section that focuses on Road Safety issues by examples of good practices and concrete actions regarding Road Safety.
4) We will offer preventive technical vehicle checks free of charge for all our members.
We will also offer seasonal vehicle checks before summer and winter. These preparation will be available in our technical facilities across the country. More than 1500 vehicle are expected to be checked per year.
5) We will set up the English version of our webpage, where we publish Road Safety information regarding travel and tourism, vehicle technical checks as well as real-time information about road conditions in Macedonia.

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