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ACP - Automóvel Club de Portugal


The Moto Club of Portugal works in the areas of roadside assistance, travelling, insurances and several motorsport activities.


Automovel Club de Portugal will realize an educational spring course for the children of the ACP's members and for the junior members. The participants are 10-13 year old. The course focuses on road behaviour as pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users. The course also includes a special session about the evolution of the car's safety devices all along times.

ACP organises also one week long summer workshops for the same target group. We intend to organise 4 road safety workshops per month during three months. Each workshop can have 10 participants. Therefore, every summer we could offer the workshop for 120 children. The summer workshops will also test and develop the road safety aspects teached at the spring course.

The actions involve 3 monitors from ACP's Driving School; moreover the workshops are organised in collaboration with P.R.P.- Prevenção Rodoviária Portuguesa and so the workshops involve in total 10 people.

Year 2006 ACP will organise the spring course and the summer workshops. In the following years 2007 and 2008 one of the actions will be organised each year.

The participants will be invited through ACP's club magazine, and if necessary by special mailing. We plan to distribute 1000 leaflets to promote the course and workshops. Results and reports with evaluation about the actions will be published at ACP's website and in the club magazine.

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