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ACM - The Automobile Club of Moldova



The Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) is a non-governmental, republican organisation, created in 1998 with the goal to develop motoring, technical road assistance service and motor tourism. Since 1999, the ACM has been a member of the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (AIT) and Federation Internationale de l'Automobile(FIA) which includes more than 100 motor clubs and tourist associations around the world.


In the coming three years we commit to realize following national actions jointly with Road Police:   - "Road Safety Week" Six weeks each year (one week every two months) - Lections "Attention - novice driver is on the road!" Target audience: 40 driving schools in a year (1 hour lesson for each school) - Lections "Attention - children on the road!"- 90 schools in a year (1hour lesson for each school) - Distribution of leaflets in the city "Alcohol - direct road to another world!" Methods and materials: more than 200.000 leaflets, competitions, trainings, lessons, promotional actions, social video.   In addition, we shall put information about road safety in English on our website as soon as we begin with the actions.

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