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ACCR - Autoklub of the Czech Republic


Autoklub of the CR is the civic association for those who are interested in motoring and activities of ACCR. The main aim of ACCR activities: Development of motoring (protection of interests, promotion of drivers needs, protection of environment), improving the technical quality of road traffic including the road net and improving the technical level of vehicles.ACCR has 200 000 members organized in 750 individual clubs all over the Czech Republic.

New Commitment

During the next three years we will continue with our road safety actions formulated in our original commitment:
1) We will continue managing the drivers’ training and disseminate further Road Safety education. We will continue contributing by publishing the Methodical Bulletin for driving schools where it is possible to find information and standpoints needed for better drivers training in terms of road safety. The Bulletin is free of charge for all driving schools and is available on ACCR website. mužte upresnit, kolik jich zhruba budete distribuovat? The Bulletin is edited four times per year. Previously the number of distributed materials was about 1 250. Nowadays the Bulletin is distributed only through website.
The drivers training will be organized by individual member clubs of the ACCR. They will focus on the following topics:
"          changes in regulations and modifying road traffic
"          the most frequent sources of fatal traffic accidents
"          the principles of partner drivers behaviour in road traffic
"          solving of crisis situations in road traffic and their prevention
All the courses are free of charge for all participants (also for those who are not members of the ACCR). We expect a participation of hundreds of motorists per year. The courses are organized regularly by a lot of clubs annually and if necessary another courses are organised due to important changes in legislation. One course lasts about 2 – 3 hours.
2) We will arrange courses for disabled drivers.
About 100 - 120 disabled drivers per year will take part in the training (even those who are not members of the ACCR). The courses will focus on the improvement of drivers training, the theoretic part deals will cover the same themes as listed above and then a practical training will follow in a special polygon - which means a specific centre for safe driving improvement training. It has specific slip surfaces enabling the driver to avoid unexpected obstructions. We will contact all disabled drivers who are ACCR members and through ACCR website or media contacts even non-members. During courses the specific drivers car modifications are fully respected. The courses consist of theoretical part and practical riding. T
3) We will continue with the traffic education for children and close co-operation with media. The children education programme is managed by individual clubs of the ACCR. It has the theoretical part done at school classes and practical part on traffic playgrounds. The aim of both parts of traffic education is to prepare children regarding road safety as pedestrian as well as a cyclist.
The road safety education starts in preschools. The main focus is given to children of the 4th class (9 - 10 years) because from this age of 10 children begin to use cycles in road traffic.
The ACCCR is a supplier of methodical materials which are centrally published by state administration and prepares competitions for children and parents as well. Individual clubs organise theoretical courses at schools and on traffic playgrounds.
4) We will disseminate information and increase road safety awareness (accident frequency, children retaining systems, safety belts, legislation, lightening, using of reflective vests, etc.) within the framework of our press services (about 120 editors from all types of media) . We will produce press materials directly targeted to the general public. All the materials of press services will be available on the ACCR website The representatives of the ACCR will participate in radio and TV programmes and in round tables concerning road traffic and its problems. The average visit rate of ACCR website: 780 per day. The average participation in the above mentioned media: 3 – 4 per month.

Old Commitment

1. To organise multimedia campaign concerning the children retaining systems. This campaign will link up the safety belts campaign which is being underway.

2. The campaign concerning the children safety will cover the whole country and will use audio and video spots through TV and radio. Also other kinds of media will be involved: the specialised press materials will be prepared for newspaper and magazines and 10 000 leaflets concerning this subject as well. The total costs will be about 300 000 Euro.

3. Other from ACCR activities is to inform the public about the problems of road safety (through the Press Service of ACCR). Media of all kinds will be given the press info about the road traffic accidents (circumstances, consequences etc.)

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