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AA - The AA Motoring Trust


The AA Trust is a charity which conducts research and provides advocacy, advice, and information across the field of motoring, roads and transport and the environment to the general public. 


- To raise awareness of mis-fitting of child car seats amongst the general public by distributing 30,000 information leaflets. These will be distributed to road safety officers, primary health care trusts and other professionals who have direct contact with mothers/carers with young children, in addition to requests from our web site.


- To increase knowledge of road accident rates we will analyse and publish comparative road accident rates for the UK in March 2006, March 2007 and March 2008 (rolling 3-year average). The results will be the subject of a media launch (print and broadcast media) and will be available on our web site.


- To increase knowledge about children and road accidents we will publish latest child road accident details by age group and distribute leaflets. We will print 30,000 leaflets and distribute them to road safety officers, schools and other profesional bodies who have contact with the target age groups. The information will also be on our web site.


- To raise awareness of risks associated with driving vans we will publish research and advisory leaflets on risks with driving vans.  The 20,000 leaflets will be published and distributed to van fleet managers (to pass on to their drivers) and van hire companies (to pass on to drivers hiring vans).

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