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A Better Deal for Motorists examines how revenue from road transport far exceeds the amount needed to cover the costs of Europe’s road infrastructure. It presents the first ever thorough investigation into this topic, revealing what users financially contribute to public road infrastructure in the European Union. The results enable FIA Region I to shed light on what road users pay for their mobility.

Stay Bright is a campaign that teaches kids the importance of being visible in the dark winter months as cyclists and pedestrians. It gives them advice on the best ways to ensure that drivers can see them when wearing reflective gear.

FIA Action for Road Safety is a global campaign, focusing the federation's resources on helping it's member organisations around the globe to educate and advocate for safer roads, vehicles and behaviours. FIA Action for Road Safety aims to assist the United Nations in reaching the goal of saving five million lives on the world's roads in 10 years.

Upon signing the European Road Safety Charter the FIA committed itself to encourage all its members to sign up as well, to promote its members road safety engagements, and to organise a workshop for clubs from the new member states. See the

See the FIA Region I commitment 

FIA Region I has revealed exactly what data new vehicles are able to track and transmit and what Europeans think about connected cars. The My Car My Data campaign launched throughout Europe, as Automobile and Mobility Clubs supported the FIA Region I consumer awareness initiative. 

Information about My Car My Data for FIA Region I members

The ‘Think Bikes’ safety campaign aims to create awareness for the high number of deaths and injuries among cyclists and motorcyclists. FIA Region I is encouraging Clubs to get involved in creating their own ‘Think Bikes’ campaign.

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Mileage fraud

FIA Region I's mileage fraud awareness campaign highlights this 'invisible' crime that is estimated to affect up to 40% of used cars in Europe. Mileage fraud takes place when a vehicle’s odometer has been tampered with to lower the number of kilometres a car has been driven to artificially elevate the cost of used vehicles.

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eSafetyAware! seeks to accelerate the market introduction of intelligent vehicle safety systems, so called eSafety systems by organising information campaigns and dedicated events aimed at creating awareness of eSafety benefits among policy-makers and end-users.

The EU model Parking Card for people with disabilities – Blue Badge – is standardized across the EU and EEA. In practice, it means that a disabled Blue Badge holder from one member state may enjoy parking privileges when visiting another member state.

The Right to Repair Campaign (R2RC) is a Europe wide information campaign that focuses on consumer choice and effective competition in the automotive aftermarket. The right to repair will safeguard the consumer's right to affordable and convenient aftermarket care for his vehicle, from day one - including the statutory and any extended warranty period - and throughout the entire life cycle of his vehicle.


EU Projects


UDRIVE is the first large-scale European Naturalistic Driving (meaning that the behaviour of road users is observed unobtrusively in a natural setting) Study on cars, trucks and powered-two wheelers. The acronym stands for “European naturalistic Driving and Riding for Infrastructure & Vehicle safety and Environment”. The FIA is a project partner. 

The Coordination of Automated Road Transport in Europe (CARTRE) aims to bring together stakeholders surrounding the development of automated road transport. Its main goal is to accelerate the deployment of connected and automated road transport. The FIA is a project partner.

The Collaborative cApacity Programme on Its Training-educAtion and Liaison (CAPITAL) is a European Commission funded project aiming at building a collaborative capacity community and deployment programme to support public and private stakeholders in the implementation of ITS and C-ITS. The FIA is a project partner.


The AUTOmated driving Progressed by Internet Of Things (AUTOPILOT) is a European Commission funded project aiming at bringing together relevant knowledge and technology from the automotive and the IoT value chains in order to develop IoT architectures and platforms, to accelerate the development of automated driving. The FIA is a project partner.


The Connected Car VaLuE Chain (CyCLE) aims to to build a ‘Connected Car Open Space’ where innovators representing all sectors related to connected cars can validate and accelerate cross‐sectoral and cross‐border business solutions. New value chains will be created from the interaction of the following sectors: automotive, mobility, business services, ICT, electronics, and infrastructure & construction. The FIA is a project partner.

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Consumer Testing Platforms


Euro NCAP provides motoring consumers - both drivers and the automotive industry - with a realistic and independent assessment of the safety performance of some of the most popular cars sold in Europe. 

The FIA’s guiding principle is to ensure safe, affordable and clean mobility for all. Mobility is one of the most important pre-conditions to social inclusion as it enables citizens to remain independent and active in their local communities. Bearing this in mind, the FIA has compiled a comprehensive online guide on parking concessions for disabled drivers and fully supports the European Disability Forum’s campaign on free movement for all: in our view, persons with disabilities should face no additional burdens in their day to day mobility. 




The Forum for Mobility & Society (FMS) is an arena for debate on mobility issues. The Forum brings together mobility stakeholders from the industry and civil society. It organises regular debates on current mobility issues, actively involving European Institutions.

Mobility For Prosperity in Europe (MPE) is a Brussels-based association founded in 2005 by former Member of European Parliament, Ari Vatanen. MPE gathers transport stakeholders such as associations and large companies which make extensive use of transports in their operations.

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