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FIA Vice-President for mobility hands out legal award to two excellent projects in Como

I am proud to say that clubs from three out of the current four regions submitted projects to the Legal and Consumer award. This made our task in chosing the winner quite difficult but is a good sign for consumers across the globe ” said Christian Scholly.

The Winners

Penny Gale presented the stop car theft programme developed by the Royal Automobile Club of South Australia (RAA). The Gotcha project was set up to address rising number of car thefts with the aim of protecting vulnerable RAA members. Older vehicles are fitted with remote controlled vehicle immobilizers. The project was run in cooperation with the police and significantly contributed to lower the number of thefts.


Claudia May presented the ADAC (Germany) campaign for the recognition of housekeeping impairment after traffic accident. This kind of compensation was recognized by the court and in out of court settlements. ADAC legal department calculate the amount of compensation for its members according to the Hohenheim method. The data is gathered in a 12 page questionnaires to determine the amount of compensation. The existing legislation could be harmonised at EU level.


The Runner-Up


In 2009, as a result of customer complaint, the   AASA (South Africa) faced investigation by the national competition and monopoly authorities. There were benefits in terms of consumers’ protection. The clubs issues around 80.000 permits a year and the campaign brought about benefits in terms of consumer protection.


Short summary of the winning projects (34.3 KB)

The prize was awarded by Brian Gibbons to Mrs Claudia May (ADAC) and Mrs Penny Gale (RAA) during Conference Week in Como

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