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Automobile of Romania winners of the FIA Legal and Consumer Award 2008 Savour their visit to Silverstone 2008


In Romania there is a saying that, “a thing of joy never comes alone into our lives”. This cannot have been truer than for the Automobile Club of Romania (ACR) over the last 12 months in terms of the accolades received. To be more explicit, first there was the Excellence in Road Safety Award presented to the ACR by Vice President Jacques Barrot of the European Commission at the end of 2007. This was followed by the Legal and Consumer Award 2008 received from the FIA at the Conference Week in Lucerne in May of this year. The prize was awarded in recognition of our consumer related activities over the last year and in particular for our nation-wide media campaign against a heavy additional first registration tax for cars imported from the EU slapped on Romanian consumers. This campaign culminated with the handing over of a petition to the European Parliament in January 2008. An EP Petition still has to be convened.


Apart form the official recognition of the club’s efforts, ACR also received invitations to attend the Santander British Grand Prix 2008. For the ACR delegation that attended, the experience of this  motor sport event was made all the more special because of the celebrations at Silverstone. First of all, 2008 marks the celebration of 60 years since the first British Grand Prix was held at Silverstone, and, secondly, the British club of race drivers also celebrated its 80th anniversary. Both events symbolized, for all those present there, the great passion for racing that still exists in Great Britain. If any further proof were needed, its worth noting that six out of ten of the F1 teams in the current F1 Championship are based in the UK.


Personally, attending Silverstone 2008 was a memorable and valuable experience never to be forgotten. From the moment we arrived in London FIA representatives made us welcome. Throughout the competition we were hosted in the FIA Protocol lounge together with other FIA clubs’ delegations, which gave us a great opportunity for very interesting exchanges of views regarding all aspects of motoring. We also had access to paddock areas where we had the opportunity to talk to the teams.  At Silverstone also we also met David Ward, FIA Foundation General Director, who was always present during those days, side by side with the clubs’ delegations attending this event.


Our presence at Silverstone had also a practical value. On 24th August the ACR hosted, the second edition of the “Bucharest Challenge”, stage of the FIA GT Championship, the most important motor sport competition ever in all 104 years of the ACR. Held around Romania’s Parliament building, the “Bucharest Challenge” is the biggest street circuit in Eastern Europe. The huge Parliament, building in the centre of Romania’s Capital city is registered in the Book of World Records, as being second (in terms of size) only to the Pentagon in the United States.


To conclude we would like to thank the FIA and in particular the Legal and Consumer Commission for identifying and encouraging the best practices within FIA clubs and for giving us at  the opportunity to attend Silverstone which provided a new and rich experience.


For more information please contact
Ilie Gabra –Director, ACRat






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