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Youth Supports Action for Road Safety


Press Release
19 September 2011
Paris, France

This weekend the FIA Action for Road Safety campaign received an endorsement from some of its most important constituents: children. FIA President Jean Todt was on hand to praise those taking part in the European Traffic Education Contest, an annual event designed to raise awareness of road safety, and this year held in Paris.
“You can never be too young to learn about road safety,” said President Todt on Saturday. “All the children here have done really well to reach this stage of the contest and I congratulate them for their efforts. And while it is possible to win prizes as part of the Traffic Education Contest, the most important thing is to learn how to stay safe – no matter whether you are on your way to school or playing outside with friends.” The contestants, who congregated at the Halle Georges Carpentier, later posed for photographs wearing ‘Action for Road Safety’ T-shirts outside the FIA headquarters in Paris.
Nominated by FIA member clubs from around Europe, each team was made up of two boys, two girls, and two adults. The contest comprised theoretical and practical exercises designed to promote road safety awareness and skills. 21 Automobile Clubs across Europe participated in the event hosted by the Fedération Française de Cyclotourisme, with the winners coming from the Russian Automobile Society.
The event was organised by the FIA Brussels office which represents 105 Automobile Clubs across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and was sponsored by the FIA Foundation. Werner Kraus, FIA Region I President, said “Every day children face dangers on the road – far too many are injured or worse in accidents. The Traffic Education Contest has been organised by us over 26 years to help keep children safe and encourage them to learn the rules of the road.”

Action for Road Safety is the FIA’s response and leading contribution to the challenges raised by the United Nations’ Decade of Action for Road Safety, the aim of which is to prevent five million road deaths and countless serious injuries over the next ten years. Children and young adults are involved in a disproportionately large number of road accidents. Lowering this unwelcome statistic is a key aim of the FIA Action for Road Safety campaign.


For more information about this event please click here!

Children from 21 different countries participated in this year's event.

FIA President, Jean Todt, meeting children competing at the event.

FIA Region I President, Werner Kraus, speaking at the 26th ETEC event.

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