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EU project develops world's first female crash test dummy

Publication date: 28 May 2015

Until now, car crash-tests have always been conducted with dummies that represent the average male, meaning that women are much more likely to sustain whiplash injuries in cars today.


The ADSEAT project, an EU-funded research initiative aimed to develop a crash-test dummy model of an average female.

A prototype dummy model has been constructed. Sled testing with this device allowed direct comparison to the dynamic performance of the existing male-based dummies.

Tests were conducted in line with the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) test procedure. According to ADSEAT reports, the results confirmed that real differences are to be expected when a seat is loaded with a dummy representing a female instead of a male. Project partners say this work has received considerable positive attention, particularly among car manufacturers.

It is hoped that now that there is a model of the female crash-test dummy, it can be progressively implemented to re-assess vehicle safety features to ensure better outcomes for women drivers and passengers.

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