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What is ecodriving? Alexander Wurz explains in new video

Publication date: 10 March 2012

Thanks to its impact on fuel consumption and maintenance costs (brakes, tyres, etc.), as well as its lower exposure to road risk, ecodriving is both a cheaper and safer way of driving for motorists. The five rules of ecodriving are:

  • anticipating the traffic flow;
  • maintaining a steady speed with low engine revolutions (low RPM);
  • shifting gears up early;
  • checking tyre pressure regularly, and;
  • refraining from using extra energy by using air conditioning and other electrical equipment wisely.

The FIA and its Member Clubs support the development of increased ecodriving skills for European motorists, as this has a positive impact on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and road safety.

With this goal in mind, the FIA is a partner of the European ECOWILL project (ECOdriving – Widespread Implementation for Learner Drivers and Licensed Drivers) which aims at rolling-out short ecodriving training courses to both licensed and learner drivers on a large scale throughout Europe.


In the video below, Alexander Wurz, Le Mans 24 Hour driver and CEO of Test&Training International, explains the safety and environmental benefits of ecodriving:

The best way to learn and apply the rules of ecodriving is to undertake an ECOWILL training course. To learn more, visit the ECOWILL website at:

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