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The Commission’s Urban Mobility Package must use new technologies to be successful

Publication date: 22 May 2014

On 21 May, FIA Region I launched its Policy Briefing on urban mobility, contributing to the European Commission’s objective to make urban mobility cleaner, safer and more efficient. The Urban Mobility Package Communication aims to support European cities in tackling current sustainability challenges in transportation.

“FIA Region I welcomes the Commission’s Urban Mobility Package,” said FIA Region I Director General, Jacob Bangsgaard. He continued, “However, we advise caution in trying to implement blanket solutions. Although many cities seem to suffer from similar concerns in urban mobility, the solutions must always, be tailored to the local context. There is also much potential in new Intelligent Transport Systems that can help overcome many common proplems in urban mobility. They must also be used to the greatest benefit of citizens.”

In the Urban Mobility Package, the FIA believes that the Commission, as an advisory body, should assist cities in:

Ensuring safety for all by investing in dedicated infrastructure for each mode of transport without imposing blanket solutions

Fostering inter-modal complementarity in urban mobility planning taking local specificities into account and improve air quality

Encouraging the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems to reduce congestion, increase safety and bring more efficiency to mobility

Informing citizens of the concrete benefits of ITS, in terms of time saving, improved safety, increased comfort and promoting open access to real-time traffic and travel data to improve the quality of information given to users

pdf Read the full FIA Region I Policy Brief on Urban Mobility (475.1 KB)

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