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UDRIVE: Update on the research of driver behaviour during everyday trips

Publication date: 25 September 2014

The EU project UDRIVE held a consortium meeting on 23rd September in Lyon. UDRIVE is conducting a survey of Naturalistic Driving which aims to provide insights into driver behaviour during everyday trips by recording details on the driver, the vehicle and the surroundings through unobtrusive data gathering equipment (mostly video cameras) and without control experimenters.

At present, drivers are being recruited in Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom to volunteer for the study. The UDRIVE project aims to involve 50 trucks, 120 cars and 40 powered two-wheelers.

In the US, the largest Naturalistic Driving study to date, SHRP2, is analyzing over 5 million car trips that have resulted in 30,000 ‘events’ (crashes and near crashes).

Observing data and footage from these events resulted in rural road design changes and identification of important distraction problems, notably with mobile phones. The implications of these types of studies are many: results can be used to influence distraction policy; road-design; development of in-vehicle driver assistance systems or driver training programmes.

It is hoped that the results of UDRIVE, which will start gathering data this summer and over 21 months, will lead to such measures for the advancement of road safety in Europe.

For more information, see the UDRIVE website

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