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Club news: UAMK President elected interim COFO chairman

Publication date: 09 December 2015

Last week at the Annual General Assembly meeting of COFO Clubs, Oldrich Vanícek, President of the Czech Republic’s UAMK has been appointed interim chairman of the COFO group, after Danijel Starman stepped down from the position.

Oldrich Vanícek said: “I hope my appointment can bring something new to the group, even though it brings with it a lot more work! We have a very good connection among the countries and together we can achieve a lot. You cannot compare our situation to that of Western European Clubs, as many of our Clubs started quite recently. It’s complicated for some of our Clubs to express to the public what they offer. We need more years, we need support from Region I and we need more support on Road Safety initiatives.”

The new COFO chairman said that one development issue that presented a problem for small Clubs was the establishment of roadside service call centres.

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