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Club News: Touring warns Belgian motorists to be safe on the roads

Publication date: 15 October 2014

The Belgian Club, TCB, has warned Belgian drivers that October and November are the most dangerous months of the year with approximately 135 deaths and 8000 injuries in these months alone. TCB has warned its members to stay safe on the roads with a set of specific guidelines in order to avoid accidents on the road:

  • During foggy or rainy weather, it is required to keep a safe distance of minimum 2 seconds or 66 meters (at 120 km/h). Also, if the visibility is less than 100 meters, fog lights must be switched on

  • Hold the steering wheel firmly when breaking, because the car can slip

  • Do not forget sunglasses and use the sun visor

  • Pay attention to leaves and fallen fruit, because the combination can make roads slippery

  • Since it is a harvest time, a number of accidents occur around farms and fields due to mud, or remaining debris on roads

  • In the event of fog or rain, or when visibility is less than 400 meters, reduce your speed and double the distance

Additionally, the Club recommends how to prepare your vehicle for upcoming shorter days:

  • Clean the windows – both inside and out

  • Check the wipers regularly and replace them once a year

  • Always have windshield washer fluid ready

  • Be sure that headlights are in working condition, clean them if necessary

  • Replace your tyres before the grooves reach 2 mm ( the legal limit is 1.6 mm) in order to reduce the risk of hydroplaning

Read the full press release on the Touring Website (in French or Dutch)


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