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Club News: Touring urges motorists to be extra careful during the cold season

Publication date: 21 January 2015

Touring Club Belgium (TCB) warns drivers to be extra careful on snowy days and notes that on such days the Club receives 30% more accident calls than usual. A study conducted by the Club reports that just 37% of vehicles are equipped with winter tyres.


Therefore, the Club urges motorists follow these tips:

  • Remove the snow and ice layer on a car (don’t forget the mirrors and the window on a driver side)

  • Break gently after driving a few meters, so you can test the situation of the road (also be sure to look in the rear view mirror)

  • Don’t accelerate suddenly

  • Keep more distance than usual to the vehicle in front

  • Reduce your speed before arriving at intersections, as they are particularly slippery

  • Be extra careful on bridges when the temperature stays around zero, the roads are extremely dangerous


At the start of the journey:

  • start in a higher gear

  • accelerate gently


If the car starts sliding:

  • do not panic

  • avoid braking

  • continuously hold down the clutch

  • turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction to the direction you are sliding

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