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Club News: TCB launches on-demand mobility service

Publication date: 23 September 2015

For European Mobility Week, Touring, launched a brand new platform that brings different mobility services directly to users on-demand and based on the sharing economy. The new ‘Mobilis Club’ provides road users with services related to traffic information, sharing, selling or repairing cars and a phone number to receive legal and medical information for Belgium and abroad. Here are some of the services on offer:

A car-sharing system where registered users can share their private vehicle within an online platform with other users for specified periods of time. Vehicles in the system benefit from Touring road assistance and insurance throughout the borrowing period. See 

ListMinut users can receive or provide services such as household tasks, relocation assistance, childcare or help in the garden. The goal is to digitise the world of services between individuals. This includes many (often driven) trips and that is why Touring joins in, see 

Touring Car Sale
Touring supports the sale of a vehicle without stress. No hassle to compare prices, the value, the payment, making an appointment, the transfer of the vehicle, and above all unnecessary travel, but everything is accessible through a few clicks. It takes 15 minutes to place your car on sale. Touring then arranges the transaction for you, see

With these new services and with Mobilis Club, Touring remains a key player for mobility and assistance. Touring bundles useful services into a single point of contact for whatever road users may need.

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