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The MOTIT web portal for electric scooter sharing goes live!

Publication date: 12 April 2013

MOTIT is the smart and innovative electric scooter sharing service that will be piloted in Barcelona as part of the smartCEM project. One of the aspects that makes MOTIT really innovative compared to other vehicle sharing services is the fact that you can book, pick-up and drop electric scooters anywhere on the street (users are not tied to picking up and returning vehicles at fixed stations). MOTIT bikes come fully equipped with helmets and navigation to make the service even more flexible for users. See more at:


smartCEM is a EU funded pilot project which aims to promote ICT services for electromobility, with the FIA as a partner. RACC is leading the Barcelona Pilot Site in smartCEM, with the collaboration of Creafutur, Idiada and the Barcelona Municipality. The aim of such pilot projects is to demonstrate public acceptance and the business case for innovative mobility solutions to continue as fully functional services even after the duration of EU funding.




What is MOTIT?

It's a new way of moving around the city of Barcelona using electric motorbikes. It's comfortable, fast, unique, easy to park and affordable. You can rent a motorbike for a specific time or distance.


Why do I need a smartphone?

You need a smartphone (iPhone/iOS or Android) to reserve, turn on and turn off the motorbike. Your smartphone is the key!


What smartphone do I need to use the service?

You can use any smartphone with the Android or iPhone/iOS operating system.


Does it have a cost to download the mobile app?

No, it is for free.


I have 2 smartphones, can I use both for the service?

Yes. You can download the application in both devices but it will only be active in the last one you logged in. If you want to use the other smartphone, you will need to log out one smartphone and then log in the other one.


What about helmets?

Our motorbikes are equipped with the helmet that you can find in the structure mounted directly on the motorbike.


Are the motorbikes insured?

Yes, the motorbikes are insured. The user is responsible for the first 50€ of damages.


What if I don’t know how to ride a motorbike?

It is possible to have training on how to use the MOTIT motorbike. Please contact us at 


Do I need a special driving license?

No, the normal car or 125 c.c. motorbike driving licenses are sufficient.


Can I carry a passenger?

No, MOTIT motorbikes are only for one person.


What is the minimum age to use the service?

You have to be at least 21 years old.


What should I do in case of accident?

Call us or report the accident through the mobile app and we will immediately attend you. In case of accident you have to fill the accident report.


Source: MOTIT 

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