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Club News: The AA UK members remain sceptical about driverless cars

Publication date: 26 February 2015

In a recent blog post in the AA UK's President's blog, the Club has tackled driveless car trials in the UK. The UK government has confirmed that there are no legal barriers to the testing of automated vehicles on public roads and has launched the first official UK trials of driverless cars which could, eventually, save motorists six working weeks a year in driving time.


However, there are still fundamental questions remaining around liability:

  • Under what conditions does a 'driver' become a 'passenger'?

  • What level of automation is required before the 'driver' ceases to be liable if there is an accident?

So far, AA members remain sceptical – in an AA-Populus poll in June 2013, 65% said they enjoyed driving too much to ever want the vehicle to take over from them while 56% said they wouldn't trust manufacturer and Government assurances that driverless cars were safe.

Read the full blog post on the AA

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