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Club news: TCS MADE VISIBLE campaign begins street casting

Publication date: 13 December 2016

Touring Club de Suisse (TCS) has launched a new national road safety campaign called “Made Visible”, which will raise awareness of visibility in traffic for vulnerable road users from February 2017 onwards. TCS will promote the use of stylish alternatives to traditional reflective gear, including, shoes, headphones with LEDs, umbrellas, scarves and clothing made of a new kind of material that has a neutral appearance in the daytime but becomes reflective when light shines on it at night. People wearing dark clothing can be seen by drivers from a distance of 25 metres, but this increases to 140 metres if they are wearing reflective clothing. The earlier a driver sees a person, the better he or she can react.

TCS Communication & Campaign Manager, Helmut Gierer said: “Knowing from surveys that the classic reflective jackets are seen as unfashionable and impractical, we want to show people some trendy alternatives. People who make themselves visible to traffic are the minority. We want to turn them into trendsetters.”

Inspired by snowboarders, who have made helmet wearing the norm for many winter sports. TCS believes that the same shift can happen with reflective gear as well.

To prepare for the campaign activities, street casting for models in Zurich, Berne, Lugano and Geneva the campaign is currently looking for everyday people reflecting various target groups.

The campaign will mostly be advertised on posters, in the press and on social media.
For more information, contact, helmut.gierer[at]


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