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Event re-cap - Target Youth: Mobile & Safe

Published on: 14 November 2013

On 12 November, Our Future Mobility Now and the FIA held a debate on youth and road safety, under the title Target Youth: Mobile & Safe. The necessity for this event is clear as there are still annually 28,000 fatalities due to road accidents - of which a disproportionate number are young people. The event examined: attitudes and awareness; driving skills and experience; and the role of the policy maker.


Key learnings from the event included:

  • Brain development and maturity can play a large role in the risky behaviour shown by young drivers.
  • Children learn about driving habits from a very young age by watching their parents.
  • The most dangerous period for new drivers is the first 6 months to a year after getting their licence.

Speakers and panellists addressed awareness campaigns and driver training techniques that could help novice drivers become safer. Policymakers also reflected on what role policy plays in the behaviour and attitudes of novice drivers.

Watch the event in full

Speaker commentaries

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