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Club news: TACI hosts historical automobile exhibit in Iran

Publication date: 12 August 2014

From 5 to 11 August, the Touring & Automobile Club of The Islamic Republic of Iran (TACI) held an exhibition of over 80 historical automobiles in Sadabad Palace’s Cultural and Historical Complex, Tehran.

The exhibition aimed to make visitors more familiar with the automobile industry and the country’s contemporary history. Historical cars kept at Sadabad Palace Museum were shown alongside a series of French, American and German automobiles belonging to private collectors are to be put on display in the event. Several of the vehicles were showcased for the first time. Visitors saw rare models from Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and MG models, some of which belong to the National Car Museum of Iran.

TACI has held numerous historical car exhibitions so far, showcasing automobiles from the car museum of Niavaran Cultural and Historical Complex, and a number of private collections.

Since April 2010, TACI has been designated by the Iranian government’s Council of Ministers as the Secretriate of Historical Vehicles’ Working Group.

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