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Club news: New speed limit signs on Dutch highways

Publication date: 25 June 2014

Before travelling this summer, ANWB advises international drivers of new indicators for Dutch speed limits on highways.

In 2012, 50% of Dutch highways had a general speed limit of 130km/h, but, in reality, the speed limit can vary between 100, 120 and 130km/h, causing confusion for drivers. The ANWB conducted a survey among members, which revealed that people were eager to have accurate information about the maximum speed limits on the roads.

In line with the wishes of the ANWB, the Dutch government has started to replace the confusing signs. The present distance signs at each kilometre on the A1, A2, A4, A12 and A15 have been replaced with signs showing the speed limit and the distance indicator. About 1,500 new signs have been placed on these roads. The signs on the remaining highways are estimated to be replaced by the end of the current year, amounting to 5000 signs in total that will be replaced once the work is completed.

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