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Club news: SMC works for gender equality for Swedish motorcyle training

Publication date: 14 March 2016

Maria Nordqvist from the Swedish Motorcyclists Association (SMC) was awarded the “Star of Equality” by the Network for Women in Transport Politics. She received the award because of her continuous efforts towards the introduction of gender neutral rider tests for motorcyclists during her time at the SMC.


Nordqvist, and the SMC as a whole, have been dedicated to ensuring equal treatment of men and women when it comes to traffic training and testing. A few years ago, SMC requested a review of the testing components in traffic schools due to the high disparity between the performance of male and female participants. An investigation was launched in 2013 by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) and it discovered that various factors in the design of some tasks put women taking the test at a considerably disadvantaged position in comparison to men. Those results led to many changes in the format of examinations, such as more emphasis on riding in traffic, introduction of lower bikes at some traffic schools as well as the reduction of the number of maneuver exercises, which were found to be much more complicated for shorter individuals.


Nordqvist’s knowledge and work have been crucial in highlighting the issues that currently exist in this area and in the promotion of fair and gender neutral testing norms and standards.

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