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Serbia hosts 2013 European Club Media Alliance Meeting

Published on: 28 October 2013

On 24-25 October the European Club Media Alliance met in Serbia for the ninth annual meeting for Club editors and Communications staff. Hosted by the Serbian Club, AMSS, the meeting’s theme was “Taking Club Publications into the future” and representatives from 12 Clubs gathered to exchange views and hear speakers on the future of media. 


In his opening address, Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Director General, said “It’s only natural that Club publications are focussed on national issues. But it is important to step away from everyday concerns to discuss best practices, future trends and developments in media. Most of all, it gives us the opportunity to find subjects of common interest. With this international perspective, we can also find new projects that could share information in ways that would be very useful to Club members.”


The event began with a discussion on re-branding a publication and the steps that an editorial staff needs to take into account when re-launching a publication. The FIA magazine AUTO was used as a case study. Following this, the participants had the opportunity to examine creatively how to  approach the development of an entirely new publication.


On the second day, the content shifted to a detailed discussion about how to keep content relevant from the local leading car magazine in Serbia, SAT Plus. The importance of having a digital presence for a magazine and the Camping and Caravanning Club’s experience in making a digital version of its magazine were examined as well. The final presentation, from EuroNCAP, highlighted the multitude of material on car safety produced monthly, which is ready for both print and digital publications.


Concluding the event, new joint article topics were presented and discussed, namely: the EU Parliament elections, access to data and the connected car and graduated driver’s licenses. On last year’s joint article topic, Iceland’s FIB was chosen by the selection committee as the most successful presentation of the EU Driver’s License Directive.


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